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October 16, 2011  
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Veronica (Ronni) Perry has been a member of our Getting Things Done DC meetup since 2010.  In this recording she presents an overview of Freedom Filer, a flexible and customizable system known for its self-purging feature. This system is widely used by professional organizers, some of whom take an 8-hour certification course to master all its features.

Ronni is passionate about productivity and is currently developing a business called Yellowbird Productivity Consulting while she continues her proposal consulting practice. She is a member of the National Association for Professional Organizers and is completing her professional organizing certification process through Clear and Simple. She offers services in the areas of (1) office decluttering; (2) paper/electronic file management, and (3) time management. Related career highlights include workplace efficiency studies for Time-Life Int’l., designing an innovation management system (suggestion system) for Best Products, developing detailed job descriptions and workflow diagrams for Washington Gas, and an entire year spent decluttering her own office and living space! And now, let’s talk about how Freedom Filer can help you stay productive in your work and personal life.

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