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October 1, 2012  
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Donald DuRousseau, author of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, presented on the topic of his book: 10 proven ways your favorite music can revolutionize your health, memory, organization, alertness and more. This was a great productivity conversation and presentation by Director DuRousseau about the practical aspects of Brain Music Therapy.

About Donald DuRousseau, BS, MBA Don DuRousseau is Founder and CEO of Human Bionics LLC (HB), a neurotechnology company specializing in physiological-based systems that measure and gauge complex cognitive, behavioral, and autonomic processes. Don is also Executive Director of PEAK NeuroTraining Solutions, Inc., a mental health services provider in Northern Virginia. Mr. DuRousseau is an internationally recognized neuroethicist, neurotechnology developer, and entrepreneur with twenty years experience designing adaptive systems that respond to the electrical activity of the brain and body. Educated at The University of California, Don earned a bachelors degree in Neurobiology where he majored in neuromuscular systems. After ten years of practical experience, he earned an Executive MBA in International Business from George Washington University, while managing a multi-million dollar Division of Neurosoft, Inc., a neurotechnology products innovator. In 2000, Don started Human Bionics with proceeds from the sale of a neuroimaging patent and other intellectual properties. Recently, Don opened PEAK Neurotraining Solutions Inc., to provide a superior level of brain performance training (neurotraining) specifically targeting executives and competitive athletes. PEAK NT also provides neurotraining for learning and behavioral issues in persons with AD/HD or Asperger’s.

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